equiteacher manual wireless horse riding instruction system

Soundriding communication between rider and trainer

Riding instructors, trainers and coaches have to struggle against the elements to be heard by their clients, but advancements in technology could bring an end to instructions being shouted across a field or arena.
The Personal Trainer System from equiteacher / equitrainer is a one-to-one equestrian communications system, comprising a wireless receiver and earpiece for the student and a lapel mic and wireless transmitter for the trainer. The transmitter and receiver fits into a pocket or can be clipped onto a belt, with the supplied rechargeable batteries lasting 12-15 hours a time.
The system enables the trainer to have instant communication with the pupil at a distance of up to 300m. And additional receivers can be added to the Personal Trainer allowing coaches to give instructions to up to 30 pupils at a time.
Leading trainer Lucinda Fredericks says: “To be able to talk in a normal voice and be heard by only your pupils is a great relief to everybody. The Personal Trainer is simple, comfortable, has a fantastic battery life and the sound quality is excellent.”
The Personal Trainer Kit comes with rechargeable batteries , pouches, battery charger, a kit carry bag and one-year guarantee for 179 euro including VAT .
For more details contact AXhippo on 0031 6 5388 5390 and visit www.equiteacher.com